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NSE-IFSC Limited (NSE International Exchange), subsidiary of NSE, has been launched to grow the financial market as well as expected to bring capital into India. NSE IFSC Limited launched trading on June 5th, 2017, offers longer trading hours in various products including in Index Derivatives, Stock Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, Commodity Derivatives and Debt Securities. Trading in Global Stocks* is an innovative first-of-its-kind product, offered by NSE IFSC, giving Indian Retail Investors to diversify their investment in global economies and top performing companies. All investments are subject to RBI’s Liberalised Remittance Scheme.

Key features

  •  Trading, Clearing, Settlement of Global stocks* governed and regulated by IFSC Authority.
  •  Trading in fractional quantity and demat holdings with IFSC depository.
  •  Eligible to receive corporate action benefits.
  •  All orders will be traded and settled in NSE IFSC; No order will be diverted to other platform or brokers registered with global exchanges.
  •  Low cost remittance through preferred Banking partners
  •  Presently 50 US Stocks in the form of unsponsored depository receipts (UDR) are available for investment.

Why Invest in NSE IFSC

  •  Diversify Your Portfolio
  •  Access New Growth Opportunities
  •  Better Performance